Sayang – Sayang – Aliff Aziz

Aliff Aziz


9 Responses

  1. hai your so cute, im from australia, i REALLY want to see u plus i want your number…… i REALLY want u to put it at my email address

  2. kite owg ni dh lame minat kt abg. so, ape2 pon smoga pnjng umr murh rezki .BYE………………

  3. hi abg aziz tau tk abg aziz,, time abg aziz ngn kak aishah kan kt af,to abg kt sna hndsome tau…..mnt lh ngn abg aziz…abg aziz ble…tk add sia kt……aq wait nyeeeeeeeeeee.
    kt friendster sia k….god bless you.

  4. hai… nk tanye… umo bape…

  5. r u really from singapore?

  6. n by the way, this coming june 10 is my birth day… if u can rep me that is the bez present 4 me… ( :


  8. btul ka ni aliff aziz???hehe..mok kepastian ba..hehe..

  9. U rr sO qeUrtttttt……..sye lme mnt kamuo…….

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